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Tree Removal

Trees are a vital part of the natural ecosystem, in an urban setting living with trees sometimes requires management practices or risk mitigations. Whether there is a risk of failure or it's the wrong tree for the site our team of highly trained professionals will help in getting the job done in the safest manner.  

Stump Grinding

Whether it's an unsightly old stump that's been tripped over for years or from a tree that has just recently been removed our specialized machinery will grind them down below grade so the space can be utilized as a functional part of the new landscape.  

Tree Pruning

Pruning is a common way to maintain safety on your property, improve the health and structure of trees in your landscape or improve the aesthetics. Our experienced team provides the highest quality of tree care and maintenance. Following proper pruning standards our certified arborist team considers the long term in helping you achieve your landscape goals.  

Storm Clean-up

Sometimes the unexpected occurs. 

 Excessive winds and storm systems can lead to tree damage or failure. Malamute Tree Services offers 24/7 emergency response to work safely and quickly helping you through even the most stressful of times. 

Let our certified professionals help with restorative pruning, cabling, bracing or the cleanup of any and all failed tree parts.

Tree Assessment

Through years of experience our certified arborist team is exceptional at determining the health and vitality of trees.  Through this process a tree management plan can be established and put into action. 

  • Quick Visual Tree Assessment
  • Comprehensive Tree Risk Assessment
  • Arborist Reporting

Fire Smart Prescriptions

Wildfires are a naturally occurring phenomenon in the Yukon's boreal forests.

 The risk to homes and structures however can be mitigated through proper Fire Smart Prescriptions. 

Through a series selective thinning, crown lifting and removal of ladder fuels our experienced team will help to reduce the fire risk to your home. 

Brush Chipping

If your property has recently undergone a landscaping change and you've generated some green waste we would be happy to help you through the removal process. Get in touch for a free estimate. 

Tree Planting

Trees provide significant valued benefits in the landscape. 

Here at Malamute Tree we understand the ins and outs of site selection, planting and successful establishment we are striving to help grow a sustainable future together. 

  Let our experts help in maximizing the environmental benefits of your landscape. 

Hedge Trimming

Hedges can provide a great screen assisting your landscape with sound and light buffering as well as privacy. Big or small, formal or natural, we can help with any annual hedge trimming maintenance or alterations.  

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